Bob Bagley

I was born in the heart of southern California. Within a year my family moved back to my fathers birthplace near Astoria, Oregon, to continue a legacy of NW Oregon loggers. As a child, I knew the difference between a whistlepunk, a catskinner and a haulback. My backyard was a forest, a world of trees, wildlife and wood to explore.

I've built things as long as I can remember. From model cars to model rockets, I always had a project. In high school my attention was drawn to the world of fine art. I started exploring different media, from stone to stained glass. I studied the visual arts in college, and my education continues in libraries, galleries, museums, and online exploring the paintings and sculptures of history's great artists. In addition to art, my formal education included training in electronics. I spent two decades combining both crafts, building, traveling, and installing Rodgers pipe organs at the factory and in churches across the US.

In my late twenties I was introduced to several fascinating items that would shape my creative activities for years to come. One was a 35mm camera, which inspired my journey to learn about light, film, images, and, eventually, computers. Another was a homebuilt wood lathe. I was hooked.

Today my creative energies revolve around photography, image manipulation on the computer and working wood. I am less interested in the immediate results of what these tools produce than in using those results as a starting point for creative expression. My love is the artistic process. Whether it be creating new methods to merge several images into one, or inventing a new technique for texturing the surface of wood, the time spent creating is as valuable to me as the final result. On these pages I hope you will see and enjoy some of the milestones in my journey of discovery.