Artist Statement

pertaining to wood

My artwork reflects two intentions. First, I like to explore different textural qualities that merge the nature of wood with the hand of man. I try to go beyond a display of the beautiful grain found in wood, utilizing the characteristics of individual fibers in a way that reinterprets what we recognize as finished wood, to produce a piece that is as pleasing to touch as it is to see.

My second intention is to promote the visual aspect by downplaying the functionality of objects or, in the case of two-dimensional pieces, the representational value of recognizable forms. Viewers commonly react to art by finding identifiable shapes, forms, or objects, and then attempt to relate those things to their everyday world and their own experiences, hoping to understand the artist's intention. In many ways it's comparable to a listener of songs paying particularly close attention to the lyrics instead of to the instrumentation. My goal is to remove the lyrics in order to emphasize the joy of the music.

concerning photography

As an artist and a creator of images, I hold no value in the sanctity or the purity of a medium. A camera is simply a tool for recording light, as a saw is simply a tool for cutting wood. By the very nature of camera technology, the accuracy of the recorded image is different than what the eye perceives. My loyalty as an artist is exclusively to the finished image.

I shoot photographs primarily for one of two purposes. Often I record an image of either a captured moment that tells a story or one that has a special visual composition. Other times I'll record an image that's intended to be combined with others in the computer to create a unique, layered composition. These composite images are generally created without a preconceived intent or story, but simply as a freestanding visual statement.